Services of the Green Agro Solutions agricultural advisory service:

  1. Assessment of the territory for the production of fruit and nut crops:

1.1. Assessment of soil and area as suitable for growing berries, fruits or nuts.

1.2. Development of a soil preparation system for planting fruit and berry, fruit and nut plantations (tillage, green manure, organic fertilizers, ameliorants, pathogen protection system).

1.3. Assessing the presence of soil pests.

1.4. Assessment of water suitability in surface water bodies and wells.

1.5. Groundwater. Estimation of occurrence. Institute of Land Reclamation.

  1. Strategic position planning:

2.1. Organic Standard Certification, НАССР, Global G.A.P

2.2. Choice of plantation culture. Trends, highly profitable crops. Market analysis and study. Choice of markets.

2.3. Preliminary design of the plantation – garden.

2.4. Selection of quality nurseries, study of appropriate varieties for the area: fruiting, frost resistance. Reservation and purchase of seedlings.

2.5. Nursery own seedlings, seedlings, greenhouse.

  1. Landscaping, brief description and location on the map:

3.1. Location of industrial plantations, cages, neighborhoods.

3.2. Location of forest protection plantations.

3.3. Location of technological roads.

3.4. Debit planning and placement of water wells.

3.5. Optimal placement of reservoirs or storage tanks.

3.6. Location of industrial and commercial buildings: warehouses, offices, dormitories, refrigerators, lighting, security system.

3.7. Calculation of optimal energy consumption of the enterprise.

  1. Organization and planning of the irrigation system:

4.1. Calculation of the required rate of watering.

4.2. Planning watering in rows.

4.3. Selection and calculation of fertigation equipment.

  1. Development of Technical Requirements for all necessary buildings:

6.1. Composition for fertilizers.

6.2. Composition for plant protection products.

6.3. Warehouse for packaging.

6.4. Premises for agricultural machinery.

6.5. Utility rooms.

6.6. Irrigation room.

6.7. Office.

6.8. Dormitories for staff.

6.9. Refrigerators.

  1. Technology of growing berries, fruits and nuts: food system, crop protection system. Agrotechnology.
  2. Compost production:

7.1. Development of a special substrate / soil mixture for growing fruit and berry crops.

7.2. Technological map on nutrition and protection against pathogens and pests.

7.3. Development of instructions for farm workers.

7.4. Selection of organic and mineral fertilizers.

7.5. Development of technology for the production of compost or vermi-compost.

  1. Selection of equipment for work. Equipment in leasing. Tractors, trailed equipment.
  2. Preparation of the necessary documents for further certification of the farm (logs, instructions, requirements).
  3. Planning and calculation of energy, lighting, security system.
  4. Planning and calculating the number of wallpapers and columns for fruit and berry or nut crops.
  5. Development of training program for staff (standard requirements, knowledge of technology, sanitary and hygienic requirements).
  6. Preparation of the field for planting seedlings, field marking, a set of necessary measures. Planting seedlings.
  7. Creating the infrastructure of the plantation – garden.
  8. Full consulting support and implementation of standards and agricultural technologies at the enterprise.

15.1. Technological map of growing seedlings of the first year, taking into account soil and natural features of the economy.

15.2. Correction of the technological map of fruit and nut growing during the year.

15.3. Development of recommendations for laying honeysuckle and greens.

  1. Phytomonitoring of plant condition and performance of works during the whole vegetation period, flowering and fruiting.

16.1. One-time visit to the site during each month.

16.2. Decade of work with reports of agronomists or responsible person.

16.3. Consultation by phone, photo-video by means of a month.

16.4. Additional visit to phytomonitoring with the consent of the customer.