Green Agro Solutions Public Association

Green Agro Solutions is an association of agro market representatives whose main goal is to disseminate the best agronomic practices aimed at improving soils, preserving biodiversity, and respecting the natural resources of Ukraine, namely: renewable and sustainable agriculture, organic, regenerative, permaculture, and biodynamic practices.

“Green Agro Solutions” is an agricultural advisory service (certificate No. 123 of 29.12.23), a consulting company in the field of agronomy, design and healthy nutrition, with the main areas of expertise being regenerative and sustainable agriculture, organic, regenerative and biodynamic practices. The main task is to provide quality services to improve agricultural production in Ukraine using modern sustainable approaches.

The Green Agro Solutions Public Association unites companies and specialists to provide the most complete and high-quality services for agricultural production: it organizes joint work to provide services to farms in the field of enterprise design, planting, agronomy, biological protection and certification, conducts technical and agronomic audits of existing agricultural producers.

The core team of advisors at Green Agro Solutions conducted agricultural advisory activities from 2019 to the end of 2023 as part of the AgroCare cooperative.

However, due to the fact that the agricultural cooperative AgroCare, according to the law of Ukraine, has fewer opportunities to promote and disseminate knowledge among farmers who are not members of the cooperative, a decision was made and the Green Agro Solutions Public Union was created, which will be open to all interested farmers who can be helped with our knowledge and capabilities.